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Fanfara ,Bersagliere Guglielmo Colombo' di Lecco

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Bersaglieri di Lecco

The Fanfare of the National Bersaglieri Association of Lecco, inaugurated on September 28th 1997, was dedicated to the Bersagliere Guglielmo Colombo, founder of the Section of Bersaglieri of Lecco in 1926.

The president of the Lecco Section is Bersagliere Pierguiseppe Mapelli. The fanfare is directed by Capofanfara Bersagliere Luca Losa. The fanfare celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation last September with a big event in Lecco.
The military aspect of the group, even if made up of a simple volunteer staff, has led the group to attend international events all over the world.
The fanfare has participated several times at the Musikparade in Germany, at a military tattoo in Norway, in Belgium, in South Korea in 2010, the group`s top event was the trip to the „Kremlfestival“ in Moscow. Numerous meetings on national territory.
With his music, Fanfara manages to convey a lot of enthusiasm and admiration to those who listen to it.