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Show- and marchingband ,K&G LEIDEN'

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K&G Leiden – Netherlands

Several times world champion of show- and marchingbands – this is the orchestra „K & G Leiden“ from the Netherlands.
The 80 young men, aged between 16 and 44, have rehearsals twice a week, in order to bring their show to an excellent level. So they are able to fascinate their audience time and again.

They often played for Royal families and high officials, among them were the former Dutch Queen Beatrix, King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima as well as President George Bush sen.
Even to the Danish Royal Family the K&G Leiden is a well-known oechestra.

Of course the display cases in the band`s clubhouse are crammed with medals won and other proofs of appreciation. The latest award was the ,Sudler Shield’ of the John Philip Sousa Stiftung from the USA. K&G Leiden was the first European band which was honored by the Stiftung for their excellent musical appearances and stage-show.

The uniforms of the bandmembers come from the uniforms of the US Marines. The perfection of drill and the playing of the music is, as well as the exact sound of the band, highly esteemed by the public. Thus one can understand easily that the show and marchingband is invited to various occasions again and again.


,Youthband Jong K&G’

The youthband was founded on April 1st 1954. More than an April`s joke – having developed in the Netherlands and abroad to a well-famous band. The instruments are timpani, drums, percussion, piccolos, flutes, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, saxophones, sousaphones.

The members, aged between 9 and 16, practice twice a week under supervision of an experienced team of teachers. At their appearances the band is directed by drum-major Diego Verhaar. The band has taken part 4 times at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, Netherlands. In 2001 Jong K&G got the highest international placing at the marching contest.


,K&G 3′

The stageband K&G 3 has become an integral part among the other K&G bands. It was founded on August 1st 1994 as successor of the existing stageband. The band is invited at different occasions several times a year. The 37 members have rehearsals every Monday evening, directed by Rene Leckie. Musicals, film music, pop music as well as dancing music, but also classical music is performed by the band.