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The representative police orchestra of Warsaw

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The police orchestra of Warsaw

An excellent orchestra, which not only pleases with traditional songs but also with classicals and evergreens.
Apart form numerous appearances in Poland and abroad they took part in international music meetings in Krakau and Gdynia and support charity events regularly.

With drums and sirens:Without sirens, but with drums and trumpets the representation orchestra of the police from Warsaw will come to the UPPERAUSTRIA-TATTOÖ.

The band was founded in 1968. Its main task is to represent the Polish police in Poland and the Republic of Poland abroad. It has already taken part at various festivals in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Belarus, Chech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia, Serbia and Hungary.
An important part of the band`s activities is to play for charity purposes. In Warsaw the orchestra is part of many official festivities and they also play at numerous sport events.

The band`s programmes are versatile, their choreographies and concerts include marches, patriotic music, symphonic wind music, but you will also find light music and Jazz on their business card.
Very often the band cooperates with soloists from the world of theatre and opera, but also from the national philharmony. Many famous musical artists accompanied the band at concerts.

The Music Director is Lieutenant-Colonel Janusz Trzepizur.
The Drum Major is Sergeant-Major Jakub Pietrucha.